SharePoint – Loopback check done the proper way!

A famous “hack” on within SharePoint is to remove the loopback check on a SharePoint server to allow it to serve its pages locally.  This is ok in a development environment but when you see internet facing systems with this “hack” in place you have to wonder what the SharePoint admin was thinking.  There are reasons that you need to allow the server to “see it’s self”, namely search.  There is a proper way to implement the loopback check without exposing the entire server.

Open the registry and navigate to


Add DWORD “DisableStrictNameChecking” with a value of 1

SharePoint Loopback - Registry edit

Reboot the server

Open Registry and navigate to


Add a “Multi Sting Value” called “BackConnectionHostNames”

Add the hostname of the Central Admin and the other web applications on the server.

Jobs a carrot.

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