Windows 10 – Stuck on Let’s Connect You To A Network – no networks listed – Quick fix!

So there I was setting up a new PC and when I got to this screen in the Windows 10 setup and I didn’t have any networks listed. The reason was that the Windows 10 installation didn’t have a driver for the network card on the motherboard. In the old days you could simply add the driver during the setup and off you’d go. The Windows 10 installer this isn’t possible, or at least it’s not obvious.

So I did a quick internet search and it looked like I was going to have to inject the new drivers into the Install.wim and Boot.wim files and create a new USB boot drive. After a lot of faffing around I had got the drivers added to the USB boot drive and I started the install again. When I got to the “Let’s get connected” screen… networks!

After a couple of deep breaths I had an idea, pressing SHIFT and F10 on the this screen pops up a command prompt. I dropped the network driver installer onto the boot USB drive and ran the installer from the command prompt. Hey-presto, the drivers were installed and the network appeared. Why I didn’t try that first before going off down the injecting drivers route I don’t know.

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  1. Mark Drummond

    Great idea! I had the same problem with installing a licensed version of Windows 10 Enterprise on a Dell PC. When you open the command prompt with Shfit+F10, it exposes the Start Menu. I right-clicked it, opened File Explorer, navigated to my USB drive with the driver (downloaded from Dell), and installed it via the GUI. Once installed, the Windows 10 Setup screen flickered and showed my network and I was able to move forward.


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